At Shorts On Tap we showcase short films, from both up-and-coming and well­ established film­ makers, at venues all over London and beyond.


Shorts On Tap is an award-winning London-based short film screening platform for both up&coming and established film-makers to showcase their work, exchange ideas and receive feedback. Shorts On Tap also aims at facilitating the spreading of ideas and awareness on social issues through film. A young company that grew to be one of the most vibrant hubs for film-makers and film lovers alike in just over 2 years.

SOT provides a great opportunity for people to discover the best material from the contemporary independent short film scene, a place for exchanging ideas and networking or simply a treat for a great night out.

Featuring great talent and special guests from the film industry, Shorts On Tap is striving to promote short film­making. Coming to you from across a wide range of genres and styles and in the most inclusive way: from narrative to experimental; documentaries to animation and also music videos. We always deliver a varied, eclectic, dynamic show and we facilitate an engaged, vibrant and yet totally relaxed dialogue between film­makers and audience members.

SOT's steep growth is partially due to the unique themed-events format which brought an unprecedented flexibility in the spectrum of subjects and topics presented. Their fresh formula allows SOT to collaborate with a number of institutions spanning from LGBT rights charities to state-of-the-art mobile app developers.

Partners include Shooting People (one of the largest filmmaking community in the Uk) and prestigious film schools such as the London Film Academy and Central Film School London. SOT believe in content versatility and have a 360 vision which will lead them to reach uncharted territories.

SOT went global in February 2015 with their first screening outside of the UK: 'London Calling' was held on February 9th at Uplink X, in the heart of Tokyo's Shibuya district (sold-out).
A second event in Tokyo followed in May 2015. SOT's first event in Berlin will be held on the International Women's Day 2016, March 8th, at Z-inema Berlin.

SOT's portfolio of collaborations include non-profit and charity organisations such as Galop (LGBT anti-violence group) and MedAct (an organisation providing medical care in war zones) They've also been involved in the fundraising for the production of Wonderkid: a film aiming at tackling homophobia in professional football.

In little over 2 years Shorts On Tap has established itself as the place to be on the London Indie film scene and has become one of the most vibrant platforms for networking, debate and collaborations. Each month, they attract audiences of up to 600 which continues to grow.

SOT has been awarded the prestigious Film London Boost Award 2015 (partner of the BFI Film Audience Network, funded by the National Lottery) which funded the the production of a new series of events called Women in Revolt. Women in Revolt was launched in April 2015 across 3 brand new London venues. The series is an exploration of womanhood in short filmmaking and has carried on bi-monthly ever since.

On May 17th 2015, the International Day Against Homophobia SOT has hosted the premiere of Mike Buonaiuto's Credence at the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square: Europe's largest cinema district. The event was aimed at raising awareness about themes of equality, identity and the portrayal of LGBT people in media. For the occasion, SOT have been partnering with Shape History: a creative studio for social impact helping organisations tackle crucial issues, creating content that touches millions.

December 2015 saw Shorts On Tap screening at the British Film Instite for the firt time with Critical Degrees: a selection of short films on climate change.

In early 2016 SOT launched a new series of events called Road Map: a series of screenings focusing on international short film.

Shorts On Tap was founded in late 2013 by producer Filippo Polesel. Writer&Director Michele Fiascaris joined the company in April 2014. 

We'd like to give a voice to as many film­makers as possible, so if you are one or you know anyone who'd be interested in submitting their work please don't hesitate to do so: there's no deadline, no charge, no fuss.


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