Women in Revolt is Shorts On Tap's award-winning series of screenings focusing on works directed and produced by women. An exploration of female film-making, a selection of extraordinary works depicting, describing and challenging the very essence of Womanhood. Women in Revolt, winner of the 2015 Film London's Boost Award: a fund aimed at reaching wider and more diverse audiences across the capital.

Body of Work, one of the four screening supported by Film London’s fund, was curated by Club Des Femmes: a queer feminist collective whose mission is to offer a freed up space for the re-examination of ideas through art.


Girls On Film, are the official programmers of Women in Revolt.

Girls On Film is a fluid, ever expanding female film collective that aims to start socially-aware discussions centred on film and other art. We write reviews, conduct interviews, cover international film festivals and put on events.

We believe in carving out a space for ourselves and others through mutual support, not conflict, and that inequality is both grossly violent and unbearably boring.

Girls On Film was launched in the summer of 2014 by Amelia Conway and Holly Thicknes and grew to include Julia Malahovska in 2016.




We see Women In Revolt as growing to become the number one space and time for female filmmakers in London to showcase their work, share praise and criticism, and celebrate the rich array of storytelling in the female filmmaking community.

Although film is our medium of choice, all the arts have a place at Women In Revolt if they are a relevant way for women to express themselves. A pre-film showing event, either in the form of music or theatre, can act as a way of drawing out themes or even just energising and surprising the audience. There should always be the option of branching out creatively should the opportunity arise, and we would be on the lookout for this.

We recognise that even the fact of producing a night called ‘Women In Revolt’ is a symptom of the imbalance in our arts and society as a whole - not just in terms of women and men, but all facets of people that fall outside of white male heteronormativity. Women In Revolt is a war cry against this, but also the first step in moving towards a society where it isn’t necessary.


Aside from the rich content, Women In Revolt should also be a social space for networking, in a relaxed rather than pressured, elitist way. Relaxation creates the right conditions for creativity - where artists feel comfortable enough to express themselves - and this is our number one priority rather than forcing productivity.

We’re constantly looking for new short films and documentaries to be screened at our future Women in Revolt events



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