Trick Or Treat’s Official Playlist

Dear devils, zombies, serial killers and cereal lovers: here’s the official playlist from last night’s event ‘Trick Or Treat – A Hell Of A Horror Night’ .. we hope you have recovered from the terror&fear you’ve undergone  If you missed the show you can check the shorts presented on our Vimeo channel here

In the meantime have a smashing Halloween weekend..hope you survive xx

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TRICK  official playlist

Thank you for the great night last night folks!! 93 Feet East was packed with film lovers, zombies and serial killers! A great thank you to our team including our substitute presenter Cheryl Lowe, our make-up artists Vanessa Hider and Rachel Bailey for making those wounds look so real, our photo/videographer Daniele Roversi and everyone at 93 for your precious help and support. A round of applause to Inna Goncharenko, Abid Mahi and their crew for presenting their pioneering platform MyndPlay to our audience.

We’ll be posting all the videos and photos very soon.

See you all at our next screening Autumn Leaves on November 11th.


Introducing our new partner MyndPlay

We’re very happy to introduce our new partner MyndPlay.
MyndPlay is a UK Based Neurofeedback Technology, Research and Media Company and creators of the world’s first Interactive Mind Controlled Video and Movie Platform. 

MyndPlay is a multi platform media player that connects with EEG BCI technology to allow viewers to control video and movies like never before by giving you (the viewer) the ability to control, influence, interact with and direct the plot and outcome of a video or movie using only your mind…

MyndPlay has been designed to allow story writers, advertisers, directors and independent production houses to create a new genre of content, to develop a new way of telling stories and the ability to engage and connect with the audience in a truly innovative and immersive way.

MyndPlay is a revolution in Movie and Video Technology, bringing science to the art of film.

We’re honoured to have MyndPlay on board this thursday at our Halloween event Trick or Treat where they’ll be introducing their very special platform to our audience.

Check MyndPlay’s promo video here


“In darkness of the night
I spied him in a tree
Sat I froze by the sight
He was looking at me
The summer’s heat became a chill
The angel of death at his kill”

TRICK OR TREAT: A HELL OF A HORROR NIGHT next Thursday, October 30th at 93 Feet East Brick Lane.
Free Entry.

Doors open at 7pm
Screening starts at 8pm end 10pm
Fancy dress party to follow.

RSVP here

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Great night

Here’s the official playlist from last night’s fundraising/screening event ‘Looking for Changes’ at Cafe 1001 in collaboration with GalopWONDERKID and Fliqio. Thanks to all of our guests last night who contributed to our LGBT cause with their precious help. A special mention for Rhys Chapman and his team from Wonderkid, Melanie Stray from Galop and Melanie Reed from Fliqio. Also thank you Mike Buonaiuto from #Credence for your contribution last night.
Big up to all the filmmakers involved both from the UK and overseas.
We’re going to post all the films, trailers and photos from last night’s event on our website soon.

Cheers x

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One in six lesbian, gay 
and bisexual people 
have experienced 
a homophobic hate 
crime or incident over 
the last three years

Two thirds of those who
experienced a hate crime or
incident did not report it to

One in sixteen (six
per cent) lesbian,
gay and bisexual
people report there
being a ‘very’ or
‘fairly big’ problem
of harassment or
attacks due to
sexual orientation
in their

One in twenty lesbian, gay and
bisexual people said they have
been the target of homophobic
abuse or behaviour online in
the last year.

(YouGov survey)

In Collaboration with GalopWONDERKID and Fliqio
Tomorrow Tuesday, October 14th at Cafe 1001, Brick Lane.
£3 Entry

Doors open at 7pm
Screening starts at 8pm

Get Tickets here

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