“At the stroke of midnight the past will disappear – and whilst the future isn’t here, the only proof either exist or have existed… Is you. So don’t count the seconds – rather make sure your actions – in fact, count.”


We’ve closed 2014 with a great Xmas screening last night at 93 Feet East. We’d like to thank all of our guests who attended this and past dates: you really are a great crowd and we love to see you come back at our events. Also a big Thank You to all the filmmakers, supporters and film lovers who helped Shorts On Tap become such a vibrant community in just a few months. It’s been a very special first year for #ShortsOnTap and we’ve got some great plans for 2015 so stay tuned for more action! x


London-based alternative greeting-card company Tackycardia will be joining us at 93 Feet East tonight for our Xmas special ‘HO HO HO’
Tackycardia are here to offer a choice to those who want something different from the boring, traditional greeting cards. They want to make cards people would actually be happy to receive. 
Come and check Tackycardia‘s Xmas range tonight at our screening or visit http://www.tackycardia.net/


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