February 6, 2015 Shorts on Tap

Dear Friends,

It’s been another great night at Cafe 1001 last night and we would like to thank all of those who attended our event #SixDegreesOfIsolation
A special thank you to the filmmakers who took part and our judges who declared their 3 favourite films (in no particular order):

INTERFERENCE by John Danvoye

THE OUTSIDE IN by Tristan Shepherd

TERMINUS by Trevor Cawood

Check all the films screened last night here 

These films will be screened again at one of our future ‘Choice’ events. Also the 3 directors of the chosen films are invited to join our next event’s jury panel in line with the Shorts On Tap tradition :)
Thanks to last night’s jurors:

Giuseppe Ferlito

Richard Kwietniowsky

and Russell England


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