June 26, 2015 Shorts on Tap

Our friends at HOPE INTERNATIONAL @HOPEInterUK are seeking your help to fund a very important project on GlobalGiving UKhttp://goo.gl/HYYy8n

HOPE plans to work with the community of Dorza Bele in southern Ethiopia to access clean water. At present access to clean water in this community is 0%. Our goal is that by the end of 2015, this will be 100%. With safe, clean water in their own village, health will improve, children can attend school, more food can be grown and adults will have more time to pursue economic-related activities which will benefit their families and community. Clean water will bring hope for their future.

HOPE INTERNATIONAL will be presenting their project at our upcoming event Life Thru a Lens at Cafe 1001, London E1, next Tuesday, June 30th.


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