Shorts On Tap presents: DRAMATHON - A Short Film Marathon on Thursday, October 5th at Cafe 1001, Brick Lane, London E1 from 3pm to 11pm.
TICKETS: £3 (online booking), £4 on the door.


Shorts On Tap's first full-on short film marathon is coming this October.
Take a day off work and binge on a mega selection of extraordinary works from both UK and international filmmakers in a one-off spectacular blast of drama shorts.
Event featuring screenings, Q&As, live performances & networking sessions throughout the day.

Don't miss the ACT ONE live performances in between screenings.
ACT ONE, a new space for live entertainment in London, is Shorts On Tap's platform for actors, musicians and poets to perform before a live audience of filmmakers & film lovers.

Shorts On Tap is London's largest short film community, join the tribe on October 5.

Doors open at 3pm.
Film screenings start at 3:30pm
Show ends approximately at 11pm
The screening room is situated at the back of the venue.
Seats are first-come-first-serve


Afternoon slot 3pm - 7pm (alphabetical order)

AFTER THE PARTY (12.45) UK, 2016 by Emma Nan Hu
ALICE AT THE CLEARING (15.42) USA, 2016 by Avivit Bar-Yosef
AN ELDRITCH PLACE (16.30) Belgium, 2016 by Julien Jauniaux
CHANGING OF THE LEAVES (08.00) USA, 2016 by Emory Parker
COLD COFFEE (11.30) UK, 2016 by Georgia Iacovou
HE SAID WHAT NOW? (06.52) USA, 2015 by Brooke Jacoby
KISSING ALL THE FISH (09.57) UK, 2016 by Thembisa Cochrane
LA BELLE FOLIE (14.32) UK, 2016 by Ruth Pickett
LIONS & TIGERS & BEARS (15.00) UK, 2016 by Lindsay Bennett
LOOT (03.53) UK, 2014 by Hannah Gautrey
PASADENA (15.42) USA, 2016 by Luke Pennington
PORTATRICE (11.00), Italy, 2016 by Michele Fiascaris & Giovanni Cismondi
SETTING SON (07.12) USA, 2016 by Rachel Rosen
SHARP EDGES (05.44) UK, 2017 by Mikaela Bruce
STITCHED (03.35) USA, 2016 by Heather Taylor
SURVIVE (08.22) UK, 2016 by Richard Rowden
THE BIRDS AND THE BEES (05.00) UK, 2016 by Vanessa-Faye Stanley
THE INQUIRY (22.19) UK, 2016 by Julien Cornwall
THE KINGDOM (13.57) USA, 2016 by Thomas Watts
THE STONE (08.28) Portugal, 2016 by Ana Lúcia Carvalho
THE WOODEN HOUSE (11.26) UK, 2014 by Hannah Gautrey
TIGHT LIDS FOR LOOSE WOMEN (08.05) USA, 2016 by Sophia Loffreda
WHISPERING REVOLUTION (22:30) Denmark, 2016 by Lin Alluna

Evening slot 7pm - 10pm (alphabetical order)

A PIG IN A CAGE ON ANTIBIOTICS (08.54) UK 2017, by Annamaria Pennazzi
EDITH (14.57) UK, 2016 by Christian Cooke
I'M HERE (14.30) UK, 2016 by David Hewitt
IT ALWAYS TREMBLES (08.36) Mexico, 2016 by Sabrina Almandoz Gerbolini
RIGHT HERE OR OVER THERE (16.28) France, 2015 by Pauline Mabille
THE GREATER GOOD (21.10) Austria, 2017 by Franziska Zaiser
TRYST IN PANAME (15.00) France, 2016 by Carmen Chaplin
WE ARE DESPERATE (15.00) Portugal, 2016 by Joana Maria Sousa

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