Shorts On Tap presents: INVISIBLE BORDERS - A SELECTION OF SHORTS FROM ISRAEL & PALESTINE on Wednesday, February 7th at 93 Feet East, Brick Lane, London E1 from 7pm.
TICKETS: £4 online, £5 on the door.

We're kicking off the new Shorts On Tap season with a 'Road Map' event featuring a top-notch selection of shorts from Israel & Palestine.
This is a screening promoting culture, peace & dialogue.
We're not here to do politics or to stand by anyone's side, the only power we're backing is CREATIVITY, which has no borders and knows no boundaries.
#InvisibleBorders: an impartial, neutral event aimed at exploring, deciphering, appreciating Israel's & Palestine's filmmaking through the lens of eight talented directors.

'Road Map' is Shorts On Tap's series of screenings focusing on international short filmmaking.

Featuring: short films screening, Q&A with the filmmakers, live ACT ONE performance, networking sessions.

FILM PROGRAMME (alphabetical order)

  • AVE MARIA (14.44) Palestine, 2015 by Basil Khalil
  • FIVE BOYS AND A WHEEL (20.00) Palestine, 2016 by Said Zagha
  • I AM SEX (04:08) Israel, 2017 by Yuval Haker
  • LAST RESPECT (25:00) Israel, 2017 by Reut Dagbar Adami
  • THE CABINET DECISION (03:54) Israel, 2016 by Mayan Engelman
  • WALLS (07:03) Palestine, 2017 by Maik Schuster & Max Paschke


Shorts On Tap is London's largest short film community, join the tribe on February 7th.

Doors open at 7pm for a pint&networking session and ACT ONE live performance.
Film screenings start at 8pm
Show ends approximately at 10pm
Q&A until 11pm

The screening room is situated at the back of the venue.
Seats are first-come-first-serve

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