Our second event outside the UK.

It’s an honour and a privilege to be screening in Tokyo and we’re absolutely delighted to be introducing a selection of British short films to the Japanese audience for the second time this year. 
Latitude and longitude will meet once again in the name of film=making. We’re going to bridge 
island nations and reach new audiences, explore new ideas, learn new languages. 
Shorts On Tap is a platform for film-makers to showcase their work and expand their network: 
we started screening short films at the end of 2013 in London and a little over a year later here we are in the pulsing heart of Tokyo on a new, exciting journey.
We really hope you’re going to enjoy our selection of short films as much as Londoners do. This is all about getting together and celebrating the greatest art of all: filmmaking. 
We’ve got a super programme of short films from both the UK and Japan which we’re going to present exclusively at Uplink. The event is open to everyone from film lovers to film-makers 
and is regularly attended by directors, actors, producers and more.




A selection of 7 short films


All photos by Taiga Nakanishi

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