Shorts On Tap presents: Mirror Mirror - a Symposium on Body Image. 

On Wednesday, February 19th at Regent Street Cinema, London W1B 2HW (Oxford Circus tube) from 7pm (screening starts 7:30pm)


This February 19th Shorts On Tap will explore body image and self-awareness via a selection of eye-opening short films from all around the world, followed by Q&As with attending filmmakers and panel discussion with special guest speakers:

  • Adam Pearson - Award-winning disability rights campaigner, actor, presenter and speaker.
  • Michelle Elman - Five-board accredited life coach, presenter and award-winning activist.
  • Stephanie Yeboah - Author, freelance writer, public speaker and fat acceptance advocate, and multi-award nominated plus size fashion blogger.

A journey through self-love and self-acceptance, ‘Mirror Mirror’ sets out to explore themes of psychology, physical appearance and the notion of ‘beauty’ in Western society and its relationship with social and cultural ideals.

The screenings will be followed by a panel discussion with experts on mental health and issues relating to body dysmorphic disorder.


ADALAMADRINA (09:22") Spain, 2019 - by Carlota Oms
ADAM (04:42") UK, 2016 - by Balan Evans
BREAKFAST (09:54") USA, 2016 - by Tyler Byrnes
DAILY MANTRA (02:00") USA, 2017 - by Kara Hakanson
DIC PIC (11:43") UK, 2019 - by Kit Griffiths
DYSMORPHIA (02:00") UK, 2019 - by Wiktoria Kocan
EVERYONE CALLS ME ORI (04:40") Venezuela, 2019 - directed by Vadim Lasca
LIKE MOTHER LIKE (15:47") USA, 2019 - by Marcela Biven
NIL BY MOUTH (03:35") USA, 2017 - by Kaye Tuckerman
STRIP IT (04:55") UK, 2020 - by Lucrezia Pollice
STRANGER (02:39") USA, 2017 - by Rina Gluckman
TINA (08:50") USA, 2019 - by Gayatri Bahl

Shorts On Tap is London's largest short film community, join the tribe on February 19th!

Doors open at 7pm
Film screenings start at 7:30pm
Q&As start at 9:30pm
Drinks till 11pm
(seats are 'first come first serve' basis)

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