Shorts On Tap in collaboration with London Filmmaking Network presents THE BIG BLEND on Wednesday, October 9th at Cafe 1001, Brick Lane, London E1 from 7pm.


The Big Blend is the ultimate networking event for the London filmmaking community.
Join us for selection of hand-picked short films followed by Q&As with the filmmakers and networking sessions.
Blend in, chill out, drink up.

SHORT FILM PROGRAMME (alphabetical order):
- CRANBERRY PEARLS (02:49) by Harriet Titlow
- DYSMORPHIA (02:00) by Wiktoria Kocan
- FRUITY LIL' NUMBER (03:27) by Rosie Frecker
- JACK THE RIPPER_THEN AND NOW (02:23) by Haemin Ko
- LONG STORY SHORT (01:00) by Mabelle Sawan
- MAY...I HAVE THIS DANCE? (03:48) by Matthew Maude
- RESERVOIR DWARFS (03:00) by Jack Richardson & Shannon Anthony
- SOLITARY (03:55) by Luke J Armstrong
- SPECIAL DELIVERY (04:00) by Robert Hackett
- THE LIFE I DIDN'T LIVE (03:36) by Barry Gibb
- THE NEED TO BE ALONE (03:48) by Tom Fisher & Catherine Prowse
- THE TREES THEY DO GROW HIGH (03:11) by Eddie Thomas

Event coinciding with the London Filmmaking Network's fifth official get-together.
LFN has recently reached 16.000 members, time to celebrate independent filmmaking in style!

#TheBigBlend is coming on Wednesday, October 9th at Cafe 1001, in the heart of Brick Lane, London E1.

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