Shorts On Tap presents Women in Revolt: a Selection of Shorts by Female Filmmakers.

As a last event of 2019, we’re delighted to present an amazing programme of short films by female filmmakers at Charlotte Street Hotel.


ADDRESS: Charlotte Street Hotel 15-17 Charlotte St, Fitzrovia, London W1T 1RJ (screening room situated in the basement)
DATE: this Saturday, December 7th from 7pm to 9pm.

(seatings on first-come first-serve basis)

Women in Revolt is Shorts On Tap's award-winning series celebrating women in film - Join us on December 7th for a programme of handpicked works followed by Q&As with attending directors.
A selection of extraordinary works depicting, describing and challenging the very essence of womanhood in 7 top-notch shorts from all over the world.


  • 100 WOMEN I KNOW (13:00") directed by Phoebe Montague, produced by Phoebe Montague & Grace Campbell
  • A CUP OF COFFEE WITH MARILYN (18:00") written & directed by Alessandra Gonnella, produced by Diego Loreggian & Alessandra Gonnella
  • EYES (04:30") directed by Lily Ash Sakula, written by Roisin Dunnett
  • LISTEN TO ME SING (11.12") directed by Isabel Garrett, written by Rosamund Attwood, produced by Emily Everdee
  • MY TIME (05.48") written & directed by Giulia Gandini, produced by Abby Mizon
  • PUNCHING BAG (16.28") written & directed by Jamie Anderson, produced by Jamie Anderson and Carrie Tyson
  • WHO'S YOUR DAD (23:00") written, directed & produced by Rebeca Sasse & Alexandra Von Schelling


Shorts On Tap is London’s leading short film community, join the tribe on December 7th.

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