Founded in spring 2015, Women in Revolt is Shorts On Tap’s award-winning series of screenings focusing on works directed and produced by women.
An exploration of female film-making, a selection of extraordinary works depicting, describing and challenging the very essence of Womanhood.
Women in Revolt, winner of the 2015 Film London’s Boost Award: a fund aimed at reaching wider and more diverse audiences across the capital.
Body of Work, one of the four screenings supported by Film London’s fund, was curated by Club Des Femmes: a queer feminist collective whose mission is to offer a freed up space for the re-examination of ideas through art.

2016 saw Women in Revolt expand to broader audiences and become a point of convergence not only for female filmmakers but also for influencers and charitable organizations, generating high media coverage.

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We see Women In Revolt as growing to become the number one space and time for female filmmakers in London to showcase their work, share praise and criticism, and celebrate the rich array of storytelling in the female filmmaking community.

Although film is our medium of choice, all the arts have a place at Women In Revolt if they are a relevant way for women to express themselves. A pre-film showing event, either in the form of music or theatre, can act as a way of drawing out themes or even just energising and surprising the audience. There should always be the option of branching out creatively should the opportunity arise, and we would be on the lookout for this.

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Women in Revolt is an ‘open-source’ platform for expression, creativity, inclusion and debate.
Women of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities are invited to curate and program our events, ignite discussion, build our community.
So if there’s a theme or topic you’d like us to cover, or a film or documentary you think we should screen, please get in touch. We would like to hear from all of you out there who have an idea to share, a concept to express, a story to tell.

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We recognise that even the fact of producing a night called ‘Women In Revolt’ is a symptom of the imbalance in our arts and society as a whole – not just in terms of women and men, but all facets of people that fall outside of white male heteronormativity. Women In Revolt is a war cry against this, but also the first step in moving towards a society where it isn’t necessary.

Aside from the rich content, Women In Revolt should also be a social space for networking, in a relaxed rather than pressured, elitist way. Relaxation creates the right conditions for creativity – where artists feel comfortable enough to express themselves – and this is our number one priority rather than forcing productivity.

We’re constantly looking for new short films and documentaries to be screened at our future Women in Revolt events.


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Tales of the Silk Road is a cross-art series of events which started in Autumn 2018 and continues into 2020.

Presented across multiple venues in London, the events will focus not only on the short films and documentaries of a specific Middle Eastern country, but also on its culture, art and traditions. The countries featured in the series are Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon.

Tales of the Silk Road is curated by Shorts On Tap and Bagri Foundation.


Reality Check is Shorts On Tap’s series of screenings dedicated to short documentary. A recurrent showcase featuring the best works from the contemporary UK and international independent short doc scene.

In feature films the director is God; in documentary films God is the director.
Alfred Hitchcock

Shorts On Tap is not just about shorts films. Since the very start, short documentary has covered a central role in our programming.

We believe in documentary as a tool that has the ability to inform and teach in the context of having real live references, thus opening windows into other worlds.


Documentaries are often educational and eye-opening. They challenge viewpoints and ask their audience to discover the realities of the issue at hand, whether it be fast-food consumption or homelessness, global warming or health care.

In a media savvy society where movie blockbusters overshadow independent films, documentaries continue to shine.

They can be used to persuade, express, interrogate, analyze, reveal, or preserve.

After the release of Blackfish by Gabriela Cowperthwaite (a documentary about the controversy over captive killer whales) SeaWorld announced it had suffered a $15.9 million loss and overall attendance at SeaWorld parks and Busch Gardens declined by 5%.
This is only an example of how impactful documentary can be on a larger scale.

#RealityCheck: join us on a journey through documentary-making.


In 2018 Shorts On Tap has part-funded the production of Montana, a documentary by Mexican director Laura Plancarte.

Montana was the recipient of Shorts On Tap’s Horizon Award: a money prize aimed at encouraging the production of new short format projects by emerging filmmakers. Horizon Award was sponsored by Sony and supported by BFI Future Film.

Montana is a short documentary film about two inter-racial couples with stories that mirror one another. Both decided to move in with their respective partners last November after dating for six months and wish to get married in 2018. The story is set in a place where cowboys and Indians are fighting for the water rights of the Salish and Kootenai reservation. As the love stories unravel the couples will be confronted with their differences and the struggle that involves making a relationship work, showing us the importance of human connection, the fear of loneliness, the attraction of opposites and the challenges of bringing two cultures together.


Colorama is Shorts On Tap’s series dedicated to animated shorts. Welcome to a carnival of colour in motion, a journey through animation in a variety of styles, genres and techniques.

Get ready for a kaleidoscopic programme featuring the best animated short film production from all over the world.


Shorts On Tap presents ROAD MAP: a series of short film screenings focusing on international short film.
Following on the footsteps of past events TOKYO CALLING, BLOODY FOREIGNERS and CORTOMETRAJES we’ve decided to further explore short filmmaking from near and faraway lands.

This is going to be a spectacle of colours, languages and cultures which we hope you’re going to love as much as we do.
We’re shipping in a mash-up of foreign beauty, exotic traits, alien charm.
A circus of colours and accents to be served chilled, fresh from the tap.

Let’s gather round, time to unfold the Road Map.

Get in touch with us!