Shorts On Tap presents: FREAKS - A Selection of Short Films and Theatrical Performances on Tuesday, April 25th. For the first time at Lost Theatre, 208 Wandsworth Rd, London SW8 2JU from 6pm.

TICKETS: £5 (online booking), £6 on the door.

Eventbrite - FREAKS - A Selection of Short Films & Theatrical Performances

An incredible journey through the absurd, grotesque, and ever-changing nature of the human condition, travelling through a selection of majestic short films and theatrical performances.


SECOND SKIN (20.00) by Charlie Manton
THE WEIRD SISTERS (06.30) by Blake Worrell
CORK MAN (13.11) by Dawn Han
BREAKFAST (09.44) by Tyler Byrnes

This year Shorts On Tap's platform for live performances, 'ACT ONE' is expanding to new, uncharted territories.


We're proud to be presenting the highly acclaimed, highly anticipated KAFKA FREAKS: a performance drama act by Nikolas Vagion, for the first time in the UK.
Three heroes trapped in a circus cage, denounce the whole system and resist the conditions that have been forced upon them, defying the fear of mental, social and political abuse, by means of personal journeys and histories, with strength, sarcasm and pride. Self-knowledge is the passport to catharsis and personal freedom.

Based on three Kafka's novels - Report to an Academy, The Hunger Artist & Metamorphosis.
Adapted, directed & performed by Nikolas Vagion


'Dangerous creatures that knit for a living. Bicycle-enthusiasts. A long lost twin brother who may or may not be a goldfish. More knitting. A possessed Policeman. More knitting. A Bee-Beard Competition. And a little bit more knitting. Oh, and Techno music.
How weird do things have to get before the Abnormal just isn't abnormal anymore?
A motley selection of characters do their damndest to suck you into their world of Unlogic. Hold onto your sanity.
A collection of short scenes based on a selection from Annie Jenkins' '1000 Plays', including material written by Annie Jenkins, Don't Be Absurd, and some imaginative 11-year-olds.

Directed by Kesia Guillery, devised & performed by Don't Be Absurd.


Shorts On Tap is London's fastest growing short film showcase, join the tribe on April 25.

Discussing, debating, commenting on the films with their directors and guests speakers.
A great opportunity to check new work, expand your network, make friends and enjoy a night out checking some great talent.

Doors open at 6pm
Films screenings start at 6:20pm
Show ends approximately at 10pm

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