Women in Revolt BEYOND THE VISIBLE, a study of the Inner Self & Spirituality. 
Tuesday 28th May 2019
Regent Street Cinema, London W1B 2HW (Oxford Circus tube) from 7:30pm


“Beyond the Visible” is a journey across inspiring short films by female filmmakers. This programme sets out to explore the inner self, digging beyond artefact and materiality. Venture with us beyond the surface, to the other side of the mirror, into a new realm of consciousness through a superb selection of short films on the theme, and an immersive breathwork session. After the screening you will have an opportunity to converse with the filmmakers and other special guests.

INDIE SOCIETY is a collaboration between London Film Academy, Shorts On Tap and UK Actors Tweetup, which presents a host of screenings, industry events and a way to truly connect with other professional filmmakers.

WOMEN IN REVOLT is Shorts On Tap's award-winning series celebrating female filmmaking. Bringing you the best contemporary short films and documentaries from Women all around the world since 2015.


Immersive Breathwork Session with Richie Bostock

Experience the power of using your breath to turn down the volume of your thoughts in a way like you’ve never experienced and leave you on a natural high with a sense of peace, clarity and blissful calm. Richie Bostock, aka “The Breath Guy”, is an author and one of the world’s leading Breathwork coaches, recently named in the Wellness100 people who have made our world a better place (amongst David Attenborough, Oprah, Dalai Lama, Ellen Page) @thebreathguy


Childhood Amnesia 15:37
Directed by Indira Solovieva

Elle 14:45
Directed by Florence Winter Hill

Early Days 12:00
Directed by Nessa Wrafter

The Sky Underwater 10:20
Directed by Maria Galliani Dyrvik

Faceshop 5:31
Directed by Zhongwen Hu

Hidden 6:21
Directed by Jess O'Brien

Eternal Resonance 8:30
Directed by Indira Solovieva

Q&A film attending filmmakers

Networking session

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